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AeNrEbOWcO tOThis month, our story is about a boy called Nathan who has a problem that he does not want to share with anyone… not even with his best friend. But his problem is turning him into an angry person… What is your recipe for being a good friend?A spoonful of kindness, a sprinkle of understanding and 100 grams of laughter!BnG a gO fRnDWritten by This AdventureBox belongs to:........................................................© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Illustrations: Benjamin Bachelier (cover), OHM (Nibby).277_P2_Editor.indd 2277_P2_Editor.indd 2 22/6/2023 12:33:32 am22/6/2023 12:33:32 am

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My name is Nathan. I was 8 years old at the time this story was written, and I was still wetting the bed at night. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t even tell my best friend Simon about it… Written by Marie Le Cuziat and illustrated by Aurélie GrandABX10 - 2023ABX10 - 2023*Scan this QR code to listen to the story *Scan this QR code to listen to the story or go to go to’s secret3277_P3-45_Story.indd 3277_P3-45_Story.indd 3 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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4277_P3-45_Story.indd 4277_P3-45_Story.indd 4 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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1ChapterA bad start to the dayI loved it when my mother opened my bedroom door to wake me up. There was always a great smell of toast and hot chocolate for breakfast! But one morning, like almost every morning, I woke up and immediately realised that I was all wet! It was really embarrassing to be 8 years old and still wetting the bed! I felt like I was a baby or like there was something wrong with me…5277_P3-45_Story.indd 5277_P3-45_Story.indd 5 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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My mother told me again and again that there was nothing wrong with me, and she tried to reassure me that it would not go on for ever… But there were days when I wanted to be someone else.Just as I walked out of my room, my little brother came to say good morning. He was 4 years old, and he hadn’t wet his bed for ages. It was so unfair!I pushed him away roughly with my hand. He made a big deal of it and burst into tears.6277_P3-45_Story.indd 6277_P3-45_Story.indd 6 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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My father saw me push my brother. He shouted,“Nathan, what has got into you?”I grumbled,“It’s his fault. He sticks to me like glue all the time!”It was true! Why did my brother always have to come and cling on to me every morning? I didn’t want him to notice that I smelled of wee. So I had no choice but to push him away. In the end, he would understand that I didn’t want anyone near me when I smelled bad!7277_P3-45_Story.indd 7277_P3-45_Story.indd 7 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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I went to shut myself in the bathroom. I slammed the door which was a signal that I wanted to be left in peace. I took off my horrible wet pyjamas. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I immediately began to cry.After my shower, I quickly swallowed a slice of bread and jam and a glass of milk, and tried not to look at my parents. As I left the house, I murmured, “See you this evening”. 8277_P3-45_Story.indd 8277_P3-45_Story.indd 8 4/7/2023 10:15:39 am4/7/2023 10:15:39 am

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On the road up to school, Simon ran up behind me. He and I had been best friends since the first day of nursery school! He lived in the block of flats next to mine, and we went to school together every day. The first one outside always waited for the other one. But that morning, I didn’t really want to talk to Simon, so I speeded up.“Hey, Nathan,” he shouted, “Wait for me!”I kept my head down.9277_P3-45_Story.indd 9277_P3-45_Story.indd 9 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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I felt a mixture of anger and sadness that made me hate everyone. Simon caught up with me and said in a cheerful voice,“So, I guess you are in a hurry because today is the big day?”I mumbled,“What are you talking about?”I pretended I had forgotten that I was going to ask Roxane if she wanted to be my friend.I had always liked Roxane. She was the kindest girl I knew and she had a nice smile. But suddenly I wondered who would want a friend that still wet the bed…10277_P3-45_Story.indd 10277_P3-45_Story.indd 10 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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Simon went on,“So, are you going to tell her?”“Leave me alone!” I said in an irritated voice. I immediately regretted speaking to him like that.My best friend was surprised. He said,“What’s wrong with you?”Simon’s voice sounded a little sad.Pny’s Café11277_P3-45_Story.indd 11277_P3-45_Story.indd 11 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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I felt like I was going to cry. But I didn’t really want to explain to him what was troubling me. I walked even faster and called to him,“What’s wrong with me is that I want everyone to leave me alone!”Simon did not reply. He left me to walk the rest of the way on my own. To be honest, I would have done the same if I had been him.12277_P3-45_Story.indd 12277_P3-45_Story.indd 12 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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Nathan wets his bed in the night again… He feels very upset about it. He is so cross that he gets angry with his best friend Simon.Chapter2Angry!When I got to school, I could see Simon crossing the road to go and join the twins, Anthony and Victor. I had to hold back my tears again.It was only eight thirty five… it was going to be a long day…13277_P3-45_Story.indd 13277_P3-45_Story.indd 13 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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In the distance, Simon was watching me speaking to Roxane. He was tight-lipped and frowning. I had never seen him look cross like that before. Things had to be really bad to make Simon angry!Roxane came over to say hi to me in the playground. I blushed, as I did every time she spoke to me. That made me feel even more useless… not what I needed at that moment!14277_P3-45_Story.indd 14277_P3-45_Story.indd 14 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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I had been really unfair but it was not easy to apologise to him so soon. Roxane looked at me and asked,“Are you ok?”“Yes.”I was lying, of course. She went on,“We are going to do our free writing in a bit. Do you know what you are going to write about?”15277_P3-45_Story.indd 15277_P3-45_Story.indd 15 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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Uh oh! I had completely forgotten. I hadn’t even thought about it… It really wasn’t my day!Roxane said with a nice smile,“I am going to write a poem.”I was too embarrassed to say anything. I just stood there, in front of her, feeling like a fool.16277_P3-45_Story.indd 16277_P3-45_Story.indd 16 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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In the distance, I saw Anthony and Victor laughing. Simon started laughing with them and that made me really angry! I thought they were making fun of me. I rushed over to them and pushed the twins so hard that they fell over. Then I turned to look at Simon. He took a step back as if he was scared of me. I asked him,“Why are you looking at me like that?”And then I pushed my best friend too.17277_P3-45_Story.indd 17277_P3-45_Story.indd 17 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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Simon didn’t say anything, but he had tears in his eyes. I felt horrible! Mrs Robinson, our teacher, came running over. She shouted,“Nathan! What’s going on?”I felt like crying again but instead, I did something terrible. I yelled at the teacher,“Leave me alone!”18277_P3-45_Story.indd 18277_P3-45_Story.indd 18 4/7/2023 10:15:40 am4/7/2023 10:15:40 am

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ChapterThings are going from bad to worse… In the playground, Nathan thinks Simon and two others are making fun of him, so he attacks them. And he shouts at the teacher…3All aloneMrs Robinson asked me to wait for her in the library while the others went back into the classroom. I wanted to disappear. It is strange that when we are not feeling good, we hurt the people we love the most. That morning when I woke, it was my little brother, then Simon and now Mrs Robinson. I think I wanted to let them know that I was not feeling good but obviously, I was not letting them know in the right way.19277_P3-45_Story.indd 19277_P3-45_Story.indd 19 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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A few minutes later, when the teacher joined me, my heart was beating really fast. She asked me,“Can you tell me what is wrong, Nathan?”I murmured,“I’m sorry.”20277_P3-45_Story.indd 20277_P3-45_Story.indd 20 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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“It’s good to say sorry,” said Mrs Robinson in a gentle voice, “But that is not what I asked you.”“It’s because I have been feeling annoyed since this morning,” I said. I couldn’t manage any more. The teacher asked me in a calm voice,“Annoyed about what?”I really wanted to explain to her, but I was scared of telling her my secret… If she knew that I still wet the bed, maybe she wouldn’t like me anymore? So I didn’t say anything and I just shrugged my shoulders instead.“Ok, so you are annoyed,” said Mrs Robinson. “But you have no right to take it out on other people. Not on your friends and not on me. Do you understand?”I nodded my head. The teacher added,“Off you go and join the others!”21277_P3-45_Story.indd 21277_P3-45_Story.indd 21 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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When I got back to the classroom, the others were in little groups, whispering.I went and sat down in my place next to Simon. Everyone was looking at me, except him. I took my things out of my school bag and I decided that the rest of the day was going to go well!The teacher said,“Children, this morning you are going to do free writing, and we can read what you write after break. You can work in pairs if you like. And work quietly and calmly please!”22277_P3-45_Story.indd 22277_P3-45_Story.indd 22 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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I turned to look at Simon, but he ignored me. Just when I had managed to calm down, Simon was in a mood with me! I was really disappointed.I would just have to find something to write about by myself…23277_P3-45_Story.indd 23277_P3-45_Story.indd 23 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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After a few minutes, Simon went over to join Timothy. Then I noticed Roxane talking quietly to Lisa. Anthony and Victor were doing their writing together, of course. Everyone was getting into pairs. It was hard to admit it, but I understood why nobody wanted to work with me. I was alone… and it was my fault!24277_P3-45_Story.indd 24277_P3-45_Story.indd 24 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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4Nathan wants to make up for his behaviour… But Simon is in a mood with him. Nobody wants to work with Nathan. He is on his own.ChapterFriendship bench I took a deep breath and held back my tears. Mrs Robinson gave me an encouraging wink. I smiled back at her and suddenly, I felt better! At that very moment, I had an idea for what I was going to write about. It was so obvious!I couldn’t bear to keep my secret to myself any longer. It was making me and everyone else unhappy. I decided I would tell Simon! The idea of telling him everything scared me, of course. But it couldn’t be worse than losing the best friend I had ever had.25277_P3-45_Story.indd 25277_P3-45_Story.indd 25 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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I started writing and I didn’t stop. The words seemed to flow all by themselves, filling up my sheet of white paper. As I wrote, I began to feel free of that huge weight!When the break time bell rang, Mrs Robinson must have asked me three times to go outside… but I was too busy writing my story to notice!“Come on, now,” she said gently, “Go and get some air. It will do you good.”26277_P3-45_Story.indd 26277_P3-45_Story.indd 26 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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I went down the stairs. My heart was beating fast. I walked round the playground for a while, and then I went and sat on the friendship bench. The bench was Mrs Robinson’s idea. We all helped to paint it different colours. When someone was feeling lonely or sad, they could sit on the bench and other children would come and talk to them and try to understand what was wrong.27277_P3-45_Story.indd 27277_P3-45_Story.indd 27 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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I glanced secretly at Simon, hoping that my best friend would come and join me… But he didn’t seem to be thinking about me at all. I saw him swapping cards with Anthony and Victor and that made me feel really sad because Simon usually showed me his cards before offering them to the others!28277_P3-45_Story.indd 28277_P3-45_Story.indd 28 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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Roxane and Lisa came and sat next to me. But I hardly noticed them. I was too busy watching Simon. Roxane asked me,“What’s up with you today?”I sat there squirming and said,“Nothing much.”Lisa said in a surprised voice,“So why did you come and sit on the friendship bench, then?”I told another lie.“I don’t know.”29277_P3-45_Story.indd 29277_P3-45_Story.indd 29 4/7/2023 10:15:41 am4/7/2023 10:15:41 am

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Simon was glaring at me from the other side of the playground.“Ok, shall we go, then?” asked Roxane, as Lisa pulled at her sleeve to tell her to forget it.“Yeah, sure,” I said vaguely, without even looking at her.All my attention was focused on my best friend. Break time seemed endless to me. Of course, Simon did not come and sit with me on the friendship bench, and I went back up to the classroom as alone as I had been before break time.30277_P3-45_Story.indd 30277_P3-45_Story.indd 30 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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At break time, Nathan sits on the friendship bench, hoping that Simon will join him. But two girls sit with him and he ignores them.Chapter5One-to-oneI walked back into the classroom and stopped by Mrs Robinson’s desk because I needed her help. I had decided to read out what I had written but not in front of everyone! Anyway, Mrs Robinson never forced anyone to do that. We could read our free writing in front of the class, ask someone else to read it out, read it quietly to a friend or even keep it a secret. With Mrs Robinson, everything was possible!31277_P3-45_Story.indd 31277_P3-45_Story.indd 31 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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Mrs Robinson saw me and smiled.“I’m listening, Nathan.”“I would like to read my text to Simon over there,” I said, pointing to a quiet corner of the classroom.I imagined Simon and me, sitting cross-legged on the thick rug, hidden from the others behind the big cupboard.I said anxiously,“But I don’t know if he will agree to it.”32277_P3-45_Story.indd 32277_P3-45_Story.indd 32 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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Mrs Robinson gave me a knowing look. She understood immediately why it was so important for me to read my essay to my best friend. She seemed to have guessed that it was essential, as if she could read my thoughts! She asked me to go back to my seat.I walked back to my chair, feeling as if my legs might give way.Simon still would not look at me.33277_P3-45_Story.indd 33277_P3-45_Story.indd 33 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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The teacher said,“Calm down now, everyone! You can either carry on writing your essay or read it out in a quiet voice to a friend. We will read some of them out loud this afternoon!”She turned to me and said,“Simon, Nathan, come with me.”34277_P3-45_Story.indd 34277_P3-45_Story.indd 34 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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Simon frowned. Then he looked at me in surprise. I shrugged my shoulders, pretending I didn’t know what was going on. I quickly grabbed my essay that I had hidden under my desk.35277_P3-45_Story.indd 35277_P3-45_Story.indd 35 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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The teacher suggested that we go and sit on the rug. She said to Simon,“Simon, I think Nathan has something to read to you.”We sat down on the rug, just him and me. Mrs Robinson slipped away quietly, leaving us alone. I unfolded my paper, took a deep breath and began.36277_P3-45_Story.indd 36277_P3-45_Story.indd 36 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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The teacher arranges for Nathan to read his essay only to Simon. At last, he is going to tell his friend the secret that is ruining his life!Chapter6Just like beforeI read my essay. It was all in there: wet nights, my rage, all the specialists I had been to see, the fact that I was feeling fed up, and why I refused invitations to sleep over at friends’ houses, even at Simon’s, in case anyone found out my secret. I also talked about my uncle, who had had the same problem as me when he was little. I mentioned that I wanted to be like everyone else and that it made me feel sad, disgusted, and ashamed…37277_P3-45_Story.indd 37277_P3-45_Story.indd 37 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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When I had finished reading, I could feel tears in my eyes. After a few seconds that felt like hours, I finally dared to look up at Simon.My friend said in a shaky voice,“But why didn’t you tell me before? You are my best friend, Nathan! This doesn’t change anything for me!”He gave me a big hug. I felt so happy. I think it was one of the best moments of my life!38277_P3-45_Story.indd 38277_P3-45_Story.indd 38 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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39277_P3-45_Story.indd 39277_P3-45_Story.indd 39 4/7/2023 10:15:42 am4/7/2023 10:15:42 am

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Then Simon whispered in my ear,“Can you keep a secret?”I said,“Of course!”“I sleep with the light on in the corridor every night because I’m scared of the dark.”I hugged him a bit tighter, and I felt like everything was going back to how it was before.40277_P3-45_Story.indd 40277_P3-45_Story.indd 40 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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Mrs Robinson popped her head around the cupboard. I winked at her and she smiled at me. She really was the best teacher in the world!41277_P3-45_Story.indd 41277_P3-45_Story.indd 41 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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The rest of the day went really well. I felt so much happier! In the afternoon, Roxane read out her poem to the class. It was brilliant! Everyone clapped and I wondered to myself whether she had been thinking about me when she wrote it…42277_P3-45_Story.indd 42277_P3-45_Story.indd 42 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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After school, on the road down to where we lived, Simon nudged me and asked,“What about Roxane?”“I’ll talk to her tomorrow,” I said, putting my arm around his neck.Then Simon suggested,“Would you like to come to mine for a sleepover on Saturday?”I smiled. Now that he knew, I could accept!43277_P3-45_Story.indd 43277_P3-45_Story.indd 43 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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THE ENDSend us a drawing or letter to and don’t forget your name, age and where you’re from!Did you enjoy the story of Nathan’s secret?I was bursting with happiness. I shouted,“Yes! I’ll bring my sleeping bag!”“And we can leave the light on!” said Simon, putting his arm around my neck.My friend and I had always shared our snacks, but on that day, we shared a lot more! It was a day I would never forget. 44277_P3-45_Story.indd 44277_P3-45_Story.indd 44 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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Send us a drawing or letter to and don’t forget your name, age and where you’re from!Did you enjoy the story of Nathan’s secret?© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text: Marie Le Cuziat, Illustrations: Aurélie Grand.© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text: Marie Le Cuziat, Illustrations: Aurélie Grand.277_P3-45_Story.indd 45277_P3-45_Story.indd 45 4/7/2023 10:15:43 am4/7/2023 10:15:43 am

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A Ct wI tH mArSAurélie GrandThe illustrator She did the illustrationsMarie Le CuziatThe author She wrote the storyThey wrote and illustrated “Nathan’s secret”Did you ever have a secret that was hard to keep?Yes… and I wish I had been as brave as Nathan and told someone about it!How did you find out about friendship benches?I found out about this brilliant idea at my children’s school. Mrs Robinson’s character is based on one of the teachers at that school!Did you have a favourite teacher at school?I had just one teacher in primary school. Fortunately, I adored her! There were only twelve children at the school, all together in one class, and Mrs Casey helped us to do loads of different projects!Have you ever been angry with friends and then made up? I don’t remember being angry with friends at primary school. I started to fall out with people at secondary school! 46© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text: Anne-Sophie Chilard.277_P46_ChatWithMakers.indd 46277_P46_ChatWithMakers.indd 46 2/7/2023 11:53:22 pm2/7/2023 11:53:22 pm

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47Cl bench!NiY IdSNiY'S© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text: Anne-Sophie Chilard, © Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text: Anne-Sophie Chilard, © © Tim Shortt/Florida Today..47A friendship bench, like the one at Nathan’s school, means that children do not need to be alone with their problems. What a brilliant idea!Some schools in the UK now have a friendship bench. Why not mention the idea to your teacher? Acacia was a 9-year-old American school girl. She was being left out because of her disability. She had the idea of putting a colourful bench in the playground of her school for children who, like her, might be feeling alone and sad. When children sit on a friendship bench, they send other children a message… they need someone to come and talk to them or play with them. Friendship benchFriendship benchFriend ship bench277_P47_Niddy_s Nifty ideas.indd 47277_P47_Niddy_s Nifty ideas.indd 47 18/6/2023 3:58:30 am18/6/2023 3:58:30 am

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4848The missing instrument is: l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_lAB123 45CDEDOUBLE BASS TRUMPETACCORDIONTAMBOURINE BALAFONMARACA ORGANPIANOSHAKER SANSA BANJOFLUTETRIANGLESITARLUTESolutions : Match… A-5, B-4, C-2, D-3, E-1. Find… The missing instrument is “saxophone”.Let the music play!Match each child to their instrument. Their positions will help you.Find the names of the listed instruments in the grid and cross them out. The remaining 9 letters spell the name of another instrument.T A M B O U R I N ER C A A R S I T A RU C R L G F L U T EM O A A A B A N J OP R C F N P I A N OE D A O L U T E S AT I X N S H A K E RD O U B L E B A S SO N S A N S A P H OT R I A N G L E N EGames48277_P48-50_Games.indd 48277_P48-50_Games.indd 48 29/6/2023 12:57:50 pm29/6/2023 12:57:50 pm

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thgilnoom atanos the magic flute tmusiche fomusicur semusicasonsSolutions : Work out… moonlight sonata (read backwards); the magic flute (letters upside down); the four seasons (remove the word ‘‘music”) Find… Ribbon on the hat, glasses, green strip on the drum, colour of the horn, note on the keyboard, bell missing on one knee, shoe lace undone.Let the music play!Work out what the words in each speech bubble say …Find the 7 differences between these two one-man-bands!49277_P48-50_Games.indd 49277_P48-50_Games.indd 49 29/6/2023 12:57:54 pm29/6/2023 12:57:54 pm

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Help Leah to find the best way through the trees and write the letters in the grid below. She can only cross the bridges that are not being used.© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Concept : Anne-Sophie-Chilard , Illustration : Léa Decan.© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Concept : Anne-Sophie-Chilard , Illustration : Léa Decan.50ABCDEFGHIAnswers : Circle… in blue: C (trombone), G (saxophone) and I (clarinet). In red: B (lyre), D (guitar) and F (violin). in green: A (maracas), E (tambourine) and H (drum).Circle in blue the musicians playing wind instruments, in red - string instruments and in green - percussion instruments.Join the dots from 1 to 31 to find out what unusual instrument this musician is playing.50277_P48-50_Games.indd 50277_P48-50_Games.indd 50 29/6/2023 12:57:57 pm29/6/2023 12:57:57 pm

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SUBSCRIBE NOW! Adventure awaits!Ages 9 to 14277_P51_ADV.indd 51277_P51_ADV.indd 51 18/6/2023 4:02:15 am18/6/2023 4:02:15 am

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Charlie Ouellette 7 years oldAmber Ling 7 years oldNeil 6 years oldAiden 10 years oldSelma 6 years oldYour Mail52277_P52-53_mail.indd 52277_P52-53_mail.indd 52 22/6/2023 1:08:40 am22/6/2023 1:08:40 am

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readers come from all over the world. Send us your pictures, drawings and jokes to ( Don't forget to add your name, your age, and your address. )adventurebox@bayardmagazines.comWang QianJie 9 years oldSophine 8 years oldValerie Shum 7 years oldVictoria Ng 6 years old53277_P52-53_mail.indd 53277_P52-53_mail.indd 53 22/6/2023 1:08:44 am22/6/2023 1:08:44 am

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... SUPERHEROES BY NIGHTThe Super Dupers Fashion madness!Are the teams equal? They are not kind! But you know what? Flowers were in fashion 50 years ago…We will never get her to change her mind…Yeah… But what if…Charlie, I’m telling you, it makes you look great! It’s the others that have no fashion sense!…we made flowers come back into fashion?! Hey! High five! The Super Dupers on a fashion mission to help a friend!Try telling that to my mother!What about Charlie?No thanks! We don’t need a bunch of flowers in our team!CHILDREN BY DAY...54277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 54277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 54 2/7/2023 11:55:15 pm2/7/2023 11:55:15 pm

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... SUPERHEROES BY NIGHTThe Super Dupers Fashion madness!Have you got the super-strong GLUE-IT-ALL sprays?Check!Do you have the flowery fabric from your aunt?Check!Check!Scissors?You guys are going to look great…MY FATHER!?What are you doing out at this time of night, children?If Dad sees us, the Super Dupers are finished!We’ll take you home to your parents!Flowers suit them!That’s funny!Amelia! The spray!I’m sure I saw two children!Really, boss?And if my mother finds out, I am finished!Hee hee hee!That evening…55277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 55277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 55 2/7/2023 11:55:17 pm2/7/2023 11:55:17 pm

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Uh oh… it’s getting complicated…BOINK!BOINK!CLACK!CLACK!PSSHHHHHPSSHHHHHWhoever you are, you won’t get away with this!Let’s goooo!But what’s this now?!Underpants, Sir!It’s good that we got the super-strong glue!Er… Are we on a wet-the-washing exercise, Sir?He is going to wet our capes and we won’t be able to fly!Glue? Are you crazy? That’s my dad, you know! Sorry, it was a Super reflex…I need an idea, quick!Sorry, Dad! I have no choice!56277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 56277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 56 2/7/2023 11:55:19 pm2/7/2023 11:55:19 pm

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© Bayard - Astrapi No.855 (2016) - Characters : Laurence Gillot. Scenario : Sophie Lodwitz, Eve Pisler. Illustrations : Lucie Durbiano. Colours : Clémence Sapin.From what we saw, there were several of them and they were well-organised. Look , they have stuck pretty flowers everywhere.Ivy fashionCafé CoolCafé Cool I’m so happy! Mum was scared they would accuse us, so she hid all our flowery clothes!Cool!Hi, Charlie, so you are not wearing your flowery outfit today? It’s a pity. I thought it was super stylish!Me too. Where did you get it?Successful mission, then?Would you ever wear flowers?Sure! Why not?Super successful!Yeah… as you can see, right?At school…THE END57277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 57277_P54-57_the Super Dupers.indd 57 2/7/2023 11:55:21 pm2/7/2023 11:55:21 pm

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By BrunoIT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, CHEF!CAN’T WE JUST PRETEND THAT I’M TWO INSTEAD?I’M EIGHT!HOW OLD ARE YOU?AAAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!EIGHT! THAT’S GREAT!SO EIGHT SPOONFULS OF SPINACH TO CELEBRATE!© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Text and illustration: Bruno.58277_P58_LunchBox.indd 58277_P58_LunchBox.indd 58 21/6/2023 1:09:23 am21/6/2023 1:09:23 am

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ZakJasonHanaOliviaNaomiVideo competitionJinksWow! Your Celeste Moon outfit is super cool! We are going to make an awesome video for the Starstuff competition!Oh thanks, Zak! I brought the planet scenery like you asked…I’ve brought my mobile to film.59277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 59277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 59 3/7/2023 2:01:47 pm3/7/2023 2:01:47 pm

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Where shall we make the video? Exactly, Max will be the main character in the story.In your bedroom…What? But he is only four months old!No way! I told you, I share a room with my little brother Max now!That’s the same age as Sam when Captain Starstuff and Celeste Moon find out he has superpowers!You mean we are going to film that episode?I’ll put up the scenery! So, Max, are you ready to become a star?At Jason’s house. We won’t tell her! Also, Megan is not here this weekend.My mother will never agree to it!…and Max will be our baby?60277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 60277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 60 3/7/2023 2:01:48 pm3/7/2023 2:01:48 pm

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Oh yeah, that looks great!How shall we start?In the first scene, Celeste Moon picks up the baby and wonders what powers he has…Oh no, my mother!Put him down!My beautiful baby, what special powers do you have?Hello!Hic!61277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 61277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 61 3/7/2023 2:01:49 pm3/7/2023 2:01:49 pm

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Is everything ok, children?Don’t worry, I managed to film the first scene!Could you go and fetch your father’s fishing rod for the next scene?He must be very active… Did he turn over all on his own? I’ve never seen a four month-old baby do that!But… Did Max just roll over?62277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 62277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 62 3/7/2023 2:01:50 pm3/7/2023 2:01:50 pm

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Coming Celeste!Uh oh, Max is soaked!Oh no, you have been sick! What’s wrong, my baby?Waaaaah!!BOINK! Starstuff, come and see! Our baby can teletransport his own bottle!Later.63277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 63277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 63 3/7/2023 2:01:51 pm3/7/2023 2:01:51 pm

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Later. Uh oh!! Now that my mother has changed Max, we can’t use what we filmed before!You are right, it would look too different in the video.We could say that Sam has the power to change his clothes to blend in with the scenery!Yes, but Max does not have that many different coloured baby clothes! It would be fun to make him travel from planet to planet. Then we could dress him up!Burp!Click!He must also have the power of camouflage!Got it!Later.But Sam, you have changed your pyjamas!Hahaha! Cool!Guurgle…… unless we change the script!64277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 64277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 64 3/7/2023 2:01:52 pm3/7/2023 2:01:52 pm

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I’ll go and get Saskia dolls’ clothes!He could be on planet Circus with this oufit!And this is perfect for the Water-planet! Shall we try it on him?What are all these puddles of water?But how will you make the scenery?You are so good at disguising yourself! You look like a little Water-planet baby!We can put the baby on your bed!… And I’ll go and fetch a basin of water for the sound effects!Later.Ok. I’ll put the costume on him! There are even some shoes to go with it!Five minutes later.65277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 65277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 65 3/7/2023 2:01:53 pm3/7/2023 2:01:53 pm

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THE END© Bayard - J’aime Lire No.549 (2022) - Anne Didier & Olivier Muller, Illustrations: Clément Devaux. What are you doing?Er… We are making a film…I don’t believe it! That’s not ok!!Wait, I have an idea for an ending!Ah, my baby, you also have the power of invisibility!Hahahaha!Argh! If our video does not have an ending, we will never win the competition…You do not make films with a four month old baby!66277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 66277_P59-66_ZakJinks.indd 66 3/7/2023 2:01:54 pm3/7/2023 2:01:54 pm

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