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AdventureBox No.252 - Oops, I shrank the teacher!

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Issue 252 April 2021 A WORLD OF STORIES UK 7 00 Australia 13 00 ISSN 1366 9001 Comics Zak Jinks Games It s bed time for the little elves Nibby s Ideas APRIL is a funny month Oops I shrank the teacher

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Oscar decides to try out some magic but it doesn t go quite as he planned Now he needs to put things right but how Read this month s story to find out Welcome to your AdventureBox I d like to have n a bigger bed n bigger scoops of ice cream n more AdventureBox magazines n longer holidays n bigger trampolines I d also like to have n a smaller school bag n fewer vegetables n less homework n n This belongs to Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 518 Illustration Laurent Simon cover OHM Nibby 2020 Tick all the things you agree with

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Bad luck Oscar s teacher is planning an English test English is Oscar s least favourite subject and he always gets bad marks This time he has a plan to avoid the test Written by Alexandra Garibal Illustrated by Laurent Simon 3

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Chapter 1 Silly tests My name is Oscar Conway I m 8 years old and I m in primary school At school I have lots of friends and I m pretty good at playing marbles I have some super rare ones too and I also like to do homework It s true I really love doing homework In fact everything at school would be just perfect if only I were better at English You see I have a few difficulties with things like spelling verb tenses and grammar 5

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One day our teacher Mrs Bird was going to give us an English test the next day I was fed up with being the worst at English I didn t want any more bad marks or endless vocabulary lists to learn and recite No way This time I decided to take charge I was not going to take the test Plus I had an idea to make it happen 6

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My brilliant idea was Nina our neighbour who lived on the same floor as my apartment Nina was 15 years old She sometimes looked after me and my sister in the evening when our parents went out Nina said that she was a witch When she first told us that we laughed but then she tried to recite some magic spells in a really strange voice Her eyes rolled around in every direction and her face went pale as a ghost It gave us a bit of a fright 7

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After that I often heard her laughing by herself in the stairwell Usually she was quite nice but I felt like she could be really scary if she wanted to be My heart beat fast as I knocked on her door 8

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Nina opened the door holding a glass of strange coloured liquid I could have sworn there was an eyeball rolling around in the bottom of her glass I tried not to shiver and stammered Er hi Nina I was wondering do you k now any magic spells that could stop an English test from happening 9

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Nina gave me an intense stare Then she went back into her apartment and I could hear her footsteps as she walked down the corridor I held my breath When she came back a few seconds later she handed me a little sweetie Get your teacher to swallow this she instructed Without another word she slammed the door in my face 10

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Oscar doesn t want to have an English test so he goes to see his neighbour Nina who claims to be a witch She gives him a sweetie for the teacher to swallow Chapter 2 A perfect plan The next morning when I got to school I clutched the magic sweetie so tightly in my hand that my fingers started to ache I had been working on my plan all night so I was confident that it would work Now I just had to wait until break time When the morning break bell rang and everyone rushed to the playground I walked straight over to Mrs Bird Like every other morning during break time she was seated on a bench supervising us kids and sipping her coffee 11

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I took a deep breath and delivered the line that I had repeated in my head at least a hundred times before this moment Mrs Bird there s a little kid over there calling out from the washroom I think the door is jammed The teacher frowned Really Ok I ll go and see This was my moment I gulped and held out a hand smiling as naturally as possible Would you like me to hold your coffee 12

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I could hardly believe it when Mrs Bird handed me her cup She even thanked me You are very helpful Oscar I ll be back in a moment 13

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I took the little sweetie out of my pocket Plop I dropped it into the steaming coffee and stirred it with the stirrer The sweetie started dissolving and then it disappeared My heart was beating fast as I paced up and down At last the teacher came back Oscar I looked everywhere but nobody was calling out I smiled and mumbled Sorry they must have managed to get out 14

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I handed Mrs Bird her coffee and she drank it down in one gulp I quickly walked away I was in such a hurry that I didn t notice a school bag lying on the ground and I tripped over it I lost my balance and Smack I crashed headfirst into a tree Ouch I hit the tree so hard that it felt like my brain had collided with my skull I heard people shouting all around me especially Mrs Bird and then I fainted 15

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The sweetie plan worked The teacher swallows it with her coffee But as Oscar is walking away he trips hits his head and he faints Chapter 3 Mini teacher Ouch ouch ouch I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me I was in the nurse s office I was aching all over my head my knees and even my elbows I did not feel well at all As I sat up the nurse came over Oh good You are awake Oscar Don t move I m going to get some more ice for your bumps And whoosh She rushed out of the room 17

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Just then I heard a little voice coming from the staff room The door was open Oh you have woken up Oscar I rubbed the bump on my head and wrinkled my nose I looked to see where the voice was coming from and I nearly fell over backwards There in the middle of a mountain of books was Mrs Bird Well 18

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She had the same glasses the same shirt and the same hairband but she was the size of a three year old girl I froze The magic sweetie had worked It had turned my teacher into a mini teacher Little Mrs Bird came over to me with an armful of books She climbed onto the bed next to me 19

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Here she said handing me a book Now read me this story I looked at my little teacher opened my mouth and then closed it and then opened it again Mrs Bird I But the mini teacher interrupted me and said Read Oscar I began stammering a little Er once upon a time er Come on Oscar come on she said I mumbled A princess er 20

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And that s when she had a tantrum Mini Mrs Bird got so angry that she was all red in the face She yelled You are no good at reading Oscar I tried to read on but my little teacher was not listening anymore She was acting like a toddler She grabbed the book and threw it across the room THERE Then she took all the other books that she had brought with her and chucked them everywhere THERE THERE THERE 21

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I couldn t get over it I had seen Mrs Bird angry before but never like this I picked up the books and put them back on the bed Just then I heard a door opening at the end of the corridor It was the door to the head teacher s office It would be a disaster if anyone found out that I had shrunk the teacher 22

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I knelt down in front of mini Mrs Bird and said in a panicky voice Do you want me to read the story Mrs Bird NOOO I could hear footsteps coming down the corridor It was probably the nurse coming back with ice cubes Shall we play hide and seek Mrs Bird NOOO The footsteps were coming closer Shall we sing a song Mrs Bird NOOO 23

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The footsteps were really close now I was desperate so I tried one last thing How about going to buy some sweets Mrs Bird My mini teacher s eyes lit up She took hold of my hand and smiled Oh yes I love sweets The footsteps stopped outside the door I held my breath 24

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Oscar has shrunk the teacher and she is not behaving very well He suggests going to buy some sweets so that nobody finds out what has happened to her Chapter 4 Making an escape I kept my eyes on the door and signalled to my mini teacher to keep quiet She smiled at me and held on tightly to my hand The door handle moved I held my breath Those seconds seemed to last forever My heart thumped heavily But a moment later the footsteps started to walk away I took a deep breath Phew That was a close call 25

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I had only one thought in my head and that was to get home as fast as possible before the nurse returned I could hear her talking on the phone in the next room As soon as she hung up she would come back with the ice cubes I had to go find Nina so that she could help me reverse the effects of the magic sweetie I would rather get zero for my English test than look after mini Mrs Bird 26

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I looked at the clock It was 11 28am The lunch bell was about to ring in two minutes and children that did not eat in the cafeteria would be going home for lunch This was good timing because I knew that Nina always had lunch at home It was essential that we get to Nina during lunch break 27

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I looked at mini Mrs Bird and I said Shall we go then Let s go and get some sweets She nodded and smiled All we had to do was get out of the school unnoticed We sneaked along the corridor and I opened a door that led to the playground 28

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Children began to emerge from their classrooms I tried to keep calm as I walked towards the school gate I didn t think that anyone had noticed me or mini Mrs Bird I gripped her hand firmly as she trotted along beside me 29

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Beyond the gates I could see people waiting outside Suddenly I spotted a kind looking granny waiting for her grandchildren I hurried over to her and said in a happy voice Hi Grandma 30

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The supervisor let us past with all the other children He didn t notice the grandmother s astonished reaction But I m not your grandma she said in a surprised voice Before she realised what was going on I heaved mini Mrs Bird onto my back and ran to the bakery as fast as my legs would carry me She held on tightly and shouted in an excited voice Giddy up up Oscar Giddy up 31

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Oscar manages to get out of the school with mini Mrs Bird He needs to find Nina and ask her to change the teacher back to her normal size again Chapter 5 Help Teacher on the run With her nose pressed up against the shop window mini Mrs Bird told me what she wanted A chocolate pastry some caramel taffy and some raspberry chews She was quite funny really I didn t mind spending all of my pocket money if it would stop her from throwing tantrums I counted my coins to give to the baker and took the bag of sweets for my little teacher 32

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After I collected my change I turned to look around but Mrs Bird Help She had disappeared I hurried outside I looked to the left and then I looked to the right And then I saw her My little teacher had climbed onto the back of a postman s bike while he was delivering letters 33

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I ran after them Wait Wait My teacher is on the back of your bike There was no point in yelling The postman couldn t hear me But mini Mrs Bird could hear me perfectly She was sitting in between the postman s saddle bags nibbling her pastry throwing letters in the air and blowing me kisses 34

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I panicked and ran until I was out of breath In my head I could already imagine the news on the television A primary student turned his teacher into a little girl and lost her in the town centre I ran I galloped and leaped over obstacles before knocking into a vase at the flower shop all the while shouting Wait for me wait for me 35

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When at last the postman stopped I rushed over to his bike and grabbed little Mrs Bird Sorry and thank you I said to the postman and rushed away He stared at us in amazement If I hadn t been so worried I might have laughed 36

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On the way home I held the teacher s sticky little hand tightly in mine I gave her a talking to It s not every day that you get to scold your teacher You know I was very worried Mrs Bird You did a really silly thing 37

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Oscar has a narrow escape While his back is turned mini Mrs Bird runs off and jumps onto the back of a postman s bike Oscar catches up with her and scolds her Chapter Big tantrum 6 We finally arrive at the building where I live having decided to ring Nina s bell so she could break the spell Just then the door to my flat opened It was my mother She looked really worried Oh Oscar here you are We have been looking for you everywhere I ve been so worried Mrs Bird called me Eh What My teacher Mrs Bird She phoned So who was the little girl whose hand I had been holding if she was not my teacher 38

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I said to mini Mrs Bird So who are you then She replied I m Anastasia Bird and my mum is your teacher so NAH nah nah NAAH nah 39

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My mother explained what Mrs Bird had told her on the phone Her daughter s nursery was closed that day So Anastasia had to spend some time at school in the staff room and wait for her dad to come and pick her up Now I understood Nina s magic sweetie had not shrunk the teacher Phew 40

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We were about to go back to school when our neighbour s door opened a crack and I heard Nina s voice whispering So Oscar did the little sweetie stop the English test happening Ha Ha Ha Did you really believe that I could be a witch with real magical powers Uh oh She had tricked me I promised myself that Nina would not get away with it The next time she babysat for me and my sister we would give her a hard time 41

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When I got to school everyone was talking about my adventure I explained to my friends that Anastasia had shot out of the school gate like a rocket and that I had run after her It wasn t the whole truth since it was me who took her out of school so I could go and find Nina But she did run away from the bakery 42

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Mrs Bird was nice about it as if she was not surprised that her little girl had managed to run away She gave her daughter a big hug and scolded her a little but not too much After everything that had happened the teacher decided to keep Anastasia with her until her dad arrived She put Anastasia on a table at the back of the classroom with some paper and crayons Then she asked us to take out our English dictation books 43

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It was test time The dreaded moment had arrived Mrs Bird asked Okay is everyone ready But a little voice interrupted her Mum I don t want to draw The teacher put her finger up to her mouth and said Now Anastasia you must behave my darling Uh oh I recognised that tone of voice I knew that she was about to have a big tantrum 44

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And then the paper and crayons started flying across the classroom Everyone in the class stared at the teacher who was blushing Anastasia rolled around on the ground screaming Mrs Bird looked very embarrassed She leaned over and whispered to me Oscar would you mind reading her a story in the library please Never mind about the test 45

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I couldn t believe my luck as I walked out of the classroom with my new mini friend I had avoided doing the test after all Thank you little Anastasia THANK YOU THE END 46

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Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 518 Text Alexandra Garibal Illustration Laurent Simon 2020 Did you enjoy the story of Oops I shrank the teacher Send us a drawing or letter to adventurebox bayardmagazines com and don t forget your name and age 47

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A Chat with the makers They are the ones who created Oops I shrank the teacher Alexandra Garibal The author wrote the story Laurent Simon The illustrator drew the pictures Which subject did you not like at school What is the silliest thing you did at school Geography I got all the countries rivers oceans and mountain ranges mixed up I still have no sense of direction and I get lost even with a GPS I did a lot of silly things I remember having to copy out lines like I must not be rude to the teacher or I must not jump on my classmates On my four children They make a mess wherever they go It would be great if I could twitch my witch s nose and they tidied up everything Alexand ra 48 Which teacher did you like the best I have good memories of all of my teachers although they probably remember me as trouble My Year 6 teacher was my favourite even if he was very strict Laurent Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 518 Interview Anne Sophie Chilard 2020 If you were a witch who would you cast a spell on

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APRIL is ni A FUNNY MONTH BP Asia Le Graine de Seneve AdventureBox No 252 Text Pauline Cheung Illustrations Kristina Choi Simplemaps com 123rf In many countries around the world April is the time to be a little naughty and play silly tricks on your friends and family Here are 4 places where people celebrate differently April Fool s Day is the day of the year where it is acceptable to play practical jokes on your friends and family but be careful about going too far This fun tradition is meant to be good humoured and silly In the UK April Fool s Day is technically April Fool s morning People can play tricks on each other until about noon so if you want to play tricks on your friends then you d better get up early ft as BBY S NI y i de In Italy and France people will sneakily stick paper fish onto other people s backs When the victim discovers the fish the prankster will yell out Poisson d avril in French or Pesce d aprile in Italian which means April fish Protos Aprilis which means First of April in Greek is all about being the first It s believed that if you are the first to trick someone before they can trick you then you ll have good luck all year long 49

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Games IT S BED TIME FOR Colour in the duvets so that they match the pillows Look at the heads and feet in this big bed How many extra feet are there Answer Look at There are three extra feet 50

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THE LITTLE ELVES Count the nightcaps with dots and with stripes on these two pages Are there more with dots or more with stripes Put the pictures of this elf s dream in the right order to make a story 51 Answers Count There are 11 nightcaps with dots and 14 with stripes Put C D A B

Page 52

Sound it out Cross out these words in the grid zone maze zip zap sizes prize buzz Use the remaining letters to complete the elf s speech bubble Solution Sound Sweet dreams little one Cross out Zzz 52

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53 Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 518 Game conception Anne Sophie Chilard Illustration Gorobei 2020 Solutions Look for headboard shape bed pillar lantern duvet pattern hole and nails on the end of the bed and board at the bottom of the bed Find alarm clock megaphone chain saw bell rooster Find 5 noisy things on these two pages that could wake the elves Look for the 7 differences between these two beds

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Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 518 Text and illustration Bruno Nob 2020 By Bruno Nob 54

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Hana Jason Olivia Naomi Zak s k n i J Operation dirty laundry Zak you have to help me My mother is coming back in an hour I thought she was coming back tomorrow 08 19 55

Page 56

I got the date wrong And I still haven t done the laundry Also the washing machine has stopped in the middle of a wash What After all the paintball stains we made 5 minutes later Why are you dressed up as Superman Because I didn t have any clean clothes to put on I think you filled it too full Yeah the door is jammed 56 I m on my way so I had to find something in my costume box Aargh

Page 57

Mmmgnnn Put in less next time But I still have all that to do Yeah I know Oooof Do two loads instead of one Yes Uh oh There s tons of it I know Some of these clothes belong to my father and my sister 57

Page 58

Rinse Synthetics Quick wash Right I m going to press quick wash There we go But even on quick wash it takes 45 minutes CLICK It won t be finished before my mother gets back Yoo hoo Is anyone there Oh yeah I hadn t thought of that Oh no she s back What shall I do Wait 58

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Hello I knew I could count on you to do the laundry Jayjay Oh you re here too Zak And I see that the washing machine is on Yes it did me so much Did good And I made your clogs for holiday the whole go well family Don t worry I ll pick up the washing from the garden and try to do it at my place Er yes Mum Here this is your pair Okay I ll go then Welcome back Mrs Bobbit and Bye 59

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s Ooop I ll hide these until my mother leaves Any idea where to put them puss Meeow 60 Prrrr prrr

Page 61

Is there anything to eat for lunch Ok Mum Er There might be some pizza left What s this sock doing in the garden Later No the fridge is empty Let s go and do some shopping That s strange It must be Mrs Hall s No it s one of Patrick s socks I recognise it Thanks for the fizzy drinks Mum 61

Page 62

I was so happy to come back to a tidy house BUT WHAT S ALL T HIS The end 62 Bayard Presse J Aime Lire No 511 Text Anne Didier and Olivier Muller Illustrations Cl ment Devaux 2019 I had to get you a little reward my Jayjay

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Ages 9 to 14 s t i a w a e r u Advent W O N E SUBSCRdmIBagazines com www bayar

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ail Your M What does a drill say when it knows what to do Don t worry I know the drill George 7 years old Clarissa 6 years old erry What did one b r on say to the othe Valentines day I love you berry much Ernest 8 years old Daniel 7 years old What bear has many teeth A molar bear Ethan 7 years old 64

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Benji 6 years old Knock knock Who s there Interrupting cow interup I like doraemon because he is very clever Moo Khushi 8 years old Chloe readers come from all over the world Send us your pictures drawings and jokes to Don t forget to add your name your age and your address adventurebox bayardmagazines com 65

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iz Mini Qu 2 How old is Nina Oscar s neighbour A Take tests A 13 years old B Do homework B 15 years old C Play outside C 17 years old 3 At what time did Oscar and mini Mrs Bird sneak out of school 4 How did Oscar s mother look when she saw him A Lunchtime A Exhausted B After school B Furious C The next day C Worried 5 What is mini Mrs Bird s real name 6 What is mini Mrs Bird s real identity A Annabelle A Mrs Bird s daughter B Aanya B Mrs Bird s niece C Anastasia C Mrs Bird s cousin Answers 1B 2B 3A 4C 5C 6A 66 BP Asia Le Graine de Seneve AdventureBox No 252 Text Pauline Cheung 2020 1 What does Oscar really love to do

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Page 3 In this month s Lunch Box the classroom plant is not looking very healthy GAMES COMICS STORY Bad luck Oscar s teacher is planning an English test English is Oscar s least favourite subject and he always gets bad marks This time he has a plan to avoid the test Page 54 Zak s friend Jason is meant to do the washing but he is having problems with the washing machine Page 55 It s bed time for the little elves Sleeping is so important for resting and growing Come and have a little snooze with the elves Oops I shrank the teacher Page 50 Page 64 Fan Mail from readers Subscribe now to our audio option or add it to your existing subscription Fun Did you know there is an audio version of our AdventureBox stories now I am ready for Facts Send us your work at adventurebox bayardmagazines com was great Fiction MAIL 252 Oops I shrank the teacher