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AdventureBox No.246 - Back To School With Vampira!

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Issue 246 September 2020 A WORLD OF STORIES UK 7 00 Australia A 13 00 ISSN 1366 9001 Comics Lunch Box DIY Vampire pencil case Games Pirates

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Welcome to Vampira s crazy world If you want to find out what happens when vampires go back to school slip a cape and a bat into your school bag and come with us Going back to school is fun with AdventureBox longs to This be Answers Folder Pencil Case Pencil Eraser Book Nibby has been busy deciding what to take to school Circle the things he should take on his first day back

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Written by S gol ne Valente Illustrated by Emmanuel Ristord 3

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Chapter 1 Lousy fang It was the day before school started again I used Mum s phone to take a picture of my new school stationery so I could show them to Vampira Vampira is my special friend She s a vampire But she is an adorable vampire who would never hurt anyone 5

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I sent her a message Hello Vampira Can you see my new school bag markers and pencil case I m ready to go back to school Are you Love Emma P S I can t wait for tomorrow 6

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Vampira usually answers really quickly But this time I had to wait three days before I got a reply from her When I read her message I understood why Emma help It s a disaster This school year has begun really madly Er I mean badly First of all I m not in a class with my friends Also the classmate I m sitting next to keeps making fun of me I don t have any friends but I already have an enemy Vampira your cross fanged friend 7

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Vampira makes me laugh each time she gets her words mixed up but this time I felt sorry for her I wrote back to her straight away to try and make her feel better Dear Vampira Don t panic You should try to make some new friends As for your classmate just pretend you don t hear what she says and she will stop Be brave and good luck my cool fanged friend But she wasn t happy She wrote back It s no good This year is going to be a complete dress Er mess 8

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I wanted to cheer Vampira up so I decided I would go to school with her Vampira agreed to come and get me at 8 29pm at our usual meeting place in the cupboard in my bedroom I was going to vampire school which started in the evening at 8 30pm My cousin Paul was staying over at my house that evening so I knocked on his door He really likes my funny vampire friend Then I woke Mimi my sweet pet bat that I had brought back after my first visit to Vampira s house 9

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As we walked into my cupboard at 8 29pm we heard a strange noise like a wild animal growling Then there was a musty smell it was her I whispered Vampira Paul panicked I m going to go Emma I don t think teletransportation is my thing He was about to step out of the cupboard when suddenly Vampira spun around the bar in the wardrobe and grabbed on to my cousin with her long pointed nails She said to him Hi Paul Are you coming too 10

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He muttered Er well Vampira did not give him time to finish his sentence She caught us both by the arm and said We re off to vampire school You are invited to come to my glass Oops to my class 11

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The top of the cupboard opened and we saw a red and black evening sky The ground shook We could feel ourselves begin sucked up by a strong wind I put Mimi in my pocket to protect her I felt a bit nervous as I always did when I went to Vampira s world but she really needed our help to get through the beginning of year 12

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Vampira s new school year has begun badly Emma and Paul decide to go to vampire school with her to help her make new friends Chapter 2 At vampire school We landed inside the cupboard in the gym at Vampira s school Our friend glanced at her watch and gave a start Uh oh we ll be told off for being great No I mean late Without thinking she grabbed the handle of the door to her classroom I stood in front of her and said Stoooop 13

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Paul stammered Vampi pi our ca ca Creepy cockroaches she said I forgot to give you your capes and false teeth I m a lousy fang Mimi tickled Vampira s neck to cheer her up Vampira giggled There was a sudden whirlwind and there we were wearing school uniforms Our disguises would protect us from bites from other vampires Then my friend opened the classroom door confidently and said After loo Oh sorry I mean after you Paul gave me his hand and I held it tightly 14

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We were amazed at what we saw in the classroom The vampire students were surrounded by strange animals like bats mice earthworms From one end of the room a serious voice said to us Seven seconds late So Vampira was it because of the fog again 15

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The teacher was sitting in a huge armchair behind a desk covered in small twisted pumpkins Vampira replied My deadends er I mean my pen friends got lost in the gym hall The teacher smiled showing his scary fangs and said Welcome I am Mr Bones and I m your teacher I hope you have a shivery first day back with lots of fresh blood 16

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We went to sit opposite Vampira and Chiller her classmate who didn t really look so bad I was about to tell her that I liked her pretty bat hairband when I noticed that she had a sleeping snake round her neck 17

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Mr Bones tapped three times on his desk with a pumpkin pointer and said Let s start with animal acrobatics Paul replied Animal acrobatics Vampire school is so cool Lucky Vampira she loves animals But instead of being happy my friend emptied out her school bag grumbling Bats I forgot my spider 18

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Chiller her neighbour made fun of her Forgotten your things again Yeah and what about you Chiller said Vampira in a loud voice Don t you ever forget to be annoying Vampira one more warning and you will get a haunting punishment for chattering said Mr Bones Paul made a face as if to say Not a nice classmate 19

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I was about to hand Mimi to Vampira when a skinny little vampire came over and whispered to our friend I have two scarab beetles I ll lend you one You saved me Nipper thanks she said taking the insect gently between her nails My cousin and I winked at each other as if to say That little vampire is kind There was still hope that Vampira s new school year would get better 20

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Emma and Paul are at vampire school disguised as vampires They meet Chiller Vampira s annoying classmate Chapter 3 Bright little bat When Mr Bones asked for volunteers to start the animal acrobatics demonstration Vampira said in an excited voice Mimi show us your tricks Mimi happily flapped her wings Paul said in a low voice It s too risky If they realise who we are they will gobble us up Let s do this I said We can t spoil Vampira s fun Paul followed me to the front of the class so that my super talented little bat could give a demonstration 21

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I said to the class in a brave voice This is Mimi queen of the air Go ahead Mimi Our little pet did a beautiful flip Vampira cheered Viper Mimi Er no Super But there was no reaction from the others Paul could see I was frozen with fear so he came to my rescue The next move is more difficult Mimi show us your spinning top Mimi spun in the air Drool Argh I mean cool said Vampira 22

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The other vampires in the classroom sighed with boredom while Mimi performed the most beautiful moves What did she have to do to impress them When Mimi did three somersaults in a row the vampires began talking and laughing My poor little bat was upset and fell flat on her nose Paul you were right I said They will notice that we are not vampires 23

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I picked Mimi up She stared at me sadly I tried to reassure her as we walked back to our seats Well done my little acrobat I whispered I scratched her behind the ears because she liked that She rubbed my wrist gently with her wing Gradually the talking stopped Mimi hopped up to my shoulder and gave me little kisses on my neck The vampires suddenly took notice and began to ask loads of questions How come she knows how to kiss How did you teach her Can we get kisses too 24

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Mr Bones congratulated us Excellent animal acrobatics The cuddles and kisses were particularly difficult Paul and I were proud and relieved We sat down to the sound of applause 25

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Vampira leaned back in her chair to get a kiss from Mimi Crash Bang The chair slipped and Vampira fell off You fell onto the floor again laughed Chiller Nice one Vampira you will have to write the words Good Behaviour 250 times for tomorrow night said Mr Bones in a cross voice Chiller joked So you collect punishments then 26

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That was too much for Vampira Her eyes turned blood red and her fingers curved like claws A growl that sounded like a wild animal came from her throat Vampira is going to attack Chiller said Paul I didn t want the situation to get worse so I said to Vampira Don t listen to Chiller Just then the bell rang We now had break time to sort out Vampira s annoying classmate 27

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Mimi Emma s bat impresses everyone with her kisses but Chiller makes fun of Vampira again Emma and Paul must find a solution Chapter 4 Shivers at break time Vampira was happy to see her friends Draculina and Misty at break time She went off for a game of werewolf tag Paul and I had to walk alone across the vampire playground to where Chiller was and ask her to stop making fun of Vampira We are being followed whispered Paul into the collar of his cape Nipper was walking a few steps behind us as if he was spying on us 28

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Mimi was still upset about having fallen at the end of her somersault demonstration in front of the whole class She was practising jumping on our shoulders I caught hold of her and was about to put her in my pocket but the cheeky thing got away and hid in Chiller s hood Paul yelled Mimi look out The sound of Paul shouting terrified our little bat She flitted around inside the hood but couldn t find a way out Chiller did not know what was going on She struggled and shrieked 30

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Her snake slithered towards the hood looking threatening I had to save my bat before the snake got to her Then suddenly RIP Mimi tore the bottom of Chiller s hood and escaped Chiller was furious and growled My brand new cape I m going to tell Mr Bones Your bat will be confiscated 31

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Paul tried to explain Mimi s actions but Chiller was too angry to listen The other students were looking at us suspiciously They were getting dangerously close One of them was Nipper Meanwhile Vampira carried on playing with her friends on the other side of the playground I picked up my poor little pet Her wing was injured It serves her right hissed Chiller 32

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I thought hard We needed Vampira It was as if she heard my thoughts because she suddenly appeared Are you getting to know my classmate I m telling you she gets very hungry I mean angry over nothing Chiller gave us an icy stare Her snake s flicking tongue brushed against my cheek Then the bell rang and we went back into class I was devastated Instead of making the situation better for Vampira like we hoped we had made it worse Now Chiller and her snake hated us How could we make up for it 33

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Things get complicated at break time because Mimi ruins Chiller s new cape Paul and Emma want to make it up to her Chapter 5 Yummy mouldy menu We went to the canteen around midnight We had to choose from the strange dishes on offer as if we were really hungry vampires We waited in a line and there right behind us was Nipper Vampira was happy to have us in the canteen She explained the menu to us First there s moss salad or crunchy toad bones Very healthy I decided to try the salad 34

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Paul changed his mind several times but in the end he chose the salad too For the main course you can have dead leaf soup or spaghetti with blood sauce said Vampira You are going to love the spaghetti She handed us our food and Paul hiccupped Vampira said And for dessert you re in luck Mouldy fruit flavoured yoghurt or cake with green slime filling What a fright No I mean delight And to give you an energy boost a super fresh choco blood 35

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We put our plates down at an empty table and a few seconds later Nipper and Chiller came over towards us Can we eat with you whispered Nipper Chiller is not angry with you about the torn hood anymore She knows that Mimi did not do it on purpose 36

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Hooray Nipper had not come to spy on us He had come to help us If Chiller came and ate with us it would be the ideal opportunity to make peace But Vampira stretched out her legs on the two chairs and said No room for you Chiller We are waiting for Misty and Draculina 37

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Chiller walked away looking angry I said to Vampira If you don t make an effort things won t get any better My friend drank her choco blood in one go Slurp She muttered It s her fault She s a lousy fang too Oh yeah I answered angrily Well it s really lousy to miss a great chance to make it up with your classmate If you want this year to be a disaster then carry on 38

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Chiller suggests sitting together at lunch but Vampira refuses to make peace with her and tells her to go away Emma feels angry 6 Chapter Explosive presentation After lunch Mr Bones put us into groups for presentations Paul and I were in a group with Nipper Vampira and Chiller Without asking us what we thought Vampira chose a subject and read out A holiday with mortals We can ask the experts Help My friend was saying too much Fortunately Chiller opened her box of felt tip pens and shouted I know all about that Too easy living people 39

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You can t do the presentation on your own said Vampira I know what mortals do on holiday said Chiller And I don t want to get a bad mark because of you Vampira flicked her classmate with her cape and Chiller went into a sulk turned her back and read her book about mortals The others were getting on with their presentations and we hadn t even started We quickly divided up the work as best as we could 40

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When it came to the time of our presentation Chiller hurried up to the board and explained When mortals are on holiday they get up at four in the morning and swallow a bowl of soup We were shocked She was making it all up Vampira pushed her out of the way and corrected her When mortals are on holiday they sleep in late sometimes until ten o clock and they eat a bowl of cereal while they watch cartoons 41

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Then Vampira pinned our posters up on the board The other students liked our drawings and the cartoon bubbles that we had made to show what mortal holidays were like At the end of our presentation Mr Bones said Excellent understanding of the subject and a very original presentation Ten out of ten Thanks Vampira said Nipper It s all thanks to you and your pen pals 42

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But said Chiller I read in a book that some mortals do get up at four in the morning Maybe babies do said Vampira Ah that s it Babies You re right Vampira stared at Chiller in surprise and Chiller said Ten out of ten for our presentation that s a good start to the year I m glad we sit together Vampira Except when you annoy me Then for the first time the two classmates smiled at each other with their little pointed fangs 43

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At the end of that night at vampire school we were relieved to be safe and sound We hurried to the gym hall so that we could go back home We stood by the cupboard Vampira said Thanks my little deadends Er I mean friends You saved me Now I have two friends in my class and everyone can see that I m not a lousy fang I told you that you were worrying about nothing I said 44

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Paul said to her Don t forget your school things tomorrow That would be really lousy I mean really Vampira scratched his cheek with her long pointed nail and looked into his eyes She laughed You re right It would be really bad 45

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I shut the cupboard door I held on to my vampire friend s cold arm and she gave me an icy kiss on the cheek Mimi clung on to me with her little claws The ceiling opened above us like a flower and everything went red The ground rippled beneath our feet Paul and I felt a soft breeze as we were gently teletransported home Afterwards I couldn t remember anything about that journey except that I felt very peaceful as if we were floating on a cloud of happiness 46

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We touched down in my cupboard like feathers Mimi did a stunning quadruple somersault and landed head first on my pillow Before going back to his room Paul said imitating Mr Bones s serious voice Brilliant somersaults I wish you a shivery night and pleasant chilly dreams THE END Did you enjoy going to vampire school Send us a drawing or letter to adventurebox bayardmagazines com and don t forget your name and age

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A Chat with the makers They are the ones who created Back to school with Vampira The author wrote the story What is your worst memory of going back to school In year 2 I started a new school and I didn t know anyone SOS But fortunately I soon made friends with a really nice girl Who was your best friend Her name was Stephanie and we became inseparable We are still in touch today She told me that her daughters love my stories ne l o g S 48 Emmanuel Ristord The illustrator drew the pictures Who inspired your drawings of Mr Bones the vampire teacher It was partly a teacher in an old Dracula film my favourite and partly a bat What were you like at school I used to draw a lot during class time but I always made sure I got good marks in all subjects except sports I preferred drawing to running Emma nuel Interview by Anne Sophie Chilard S gol ne Valente

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ni Give your pencil case a scary vampire look ft as BBY S NI y i de You will need l l scissors l some la a pencil case felt l stick on eyes l strong glue black felt tip pen white marker or correction fluid Text Anne Sophie Chilard Photographer Ga lle Richard l a 1 Draw a wing shape on paper Trace it twice onto your felt and cut it out 2 Glue the two wings to the back of the pencil case Glue the eyes on the front 3 Draw a mouth and some pointed teeth with the felt tip pens Aaah Look out It s a vampire 49

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Games Pirates go Read what the pirate says from right to left LLA GNINROM SI EMAN YM DRAEBDER TAHT KNIS PIHS A 1 Theo Hook C Match the kids with their pirate names 2 Zoe Sharktooth Answers Decode Morning all My name is Redbeard Sink that ship Follow 1 F 2 E 3 A 4 B 5 C 6 D 50 3 Red Robin

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to school B F Calculate the value of the coins D E 6 Ulysses One eye 5 Louise Scar Count all the skulls on these two pages 4 Chloe Bighair Calculate The treasure is worth 115 doubloons Count There are 10 skulls in the picture

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Games Find out what is inside the bubble using the code _ T T _ C K Follow the young pirate s directions to find out where the treasure is on this map Start at the bridge Advance 3 squares right 2 squares down then 2 squares left Answers Decode Attack No pity mercy Yikes Landlubber Follow The treasure is under the crocodile 52

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N _ M _ R C Y Y _ K _ S Work out who caught the fish Game Design Claire Laurens Illustration Zelda Pressigout L _ N D L _ B B _ R Answers Work Out Chloe Bighair on the right caught the fish

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Bayard Presse J aime Lire No 372 Text and illustration Bruno Nob 2020 By By Bruno Bruno Nob 54

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Hana Jason Olivia Naomi Zak s k n i J T he bet 09 19 55

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62 Bayard Presse J Aime Lire No 512 Text Anne Didier and Olivier Muller Illustrations Cl ment Devaux 2018

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Ages 9 to 14 s t i a w a e r u Advent W O N E SUBSCR ImBagazines co uk d r a y a b w w w

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ail Your M Rosa 6 years old What do you call a three humped camel A pregnant camel Sophia 7 years old Justine What did one eye say to the other eye Something smells between us Tamara Lucie What does a squirrel carry his luggage in A nutcase PS I love Adventure Box 64 Bella Felicia Soetedjo 9 years old

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Nibby I thought Adventure Box was great What do you call a dragon that can fly A Dragonfly Sheldon Ng 6 years old A family of tomatoes is walking down the street The dad sees the baby tomato is lagging behind so he yells Ket chup Lucie 5 ye ars old Dave Tse 7 years old Zenith 6 years old Iman Al Ali readers come from all over the world Email us your pictures drawings and jokes Don t forget to indicate your name your age your city and country adventurebox bayardmagazines com 65

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iz Mini Qu 1 Why did Emma and Paul go to Vampire School A To help Vampira make A Mr Skeleton B To learn vampire skills B Mr Ghoul C To meet more vampires C Mr Bones friends 3 Who offered Vampira a scarab beetle A 2 Vampira s teacher is called 4 What did Mimi perform for the class A Chiller A Magic tricks B Nipper B Flips and somersaults C Draculina C A song 5 A pendulum is made of 6 What did Miss Woods write A A weight on a string A Very Good Zak B Eraser and dog biscuits B Very Good Enthusiasm C A string on a weight C Very Good Effort Answers 1A 2C 3B 4B 5A 6C 66

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ST O RY Page 3 Zak has a presentation for school and he thinks he s figured out how to get a Very Good grade Page 59 Find out what is in the NEW Lunch Box GA ME S Are you a real pirate Arm yourself with a sharp pencil and have a go at these games Back to school with Vampira COMICS Vampira is upset She is not in the same class as her friends and the classmate she sits next to keeps calling her a lousy fang Emma and Paul decide to go to her rescue Page 65 Page 52 Page 64 Fan Mail from readers Subscribe now to our audio option or add it to your existing subscription Fun Did you know there is an audio version of our AdventureBox stories now I am ready for Facts Send us your work at adventurebox bayardmagazines com was great Fiction MAIL 246 Back to school with Vampira